Monday, July 3, 2023

New Etsy Shop, New Stuff

 Since Etsy has some sort of glitch that wont allow me to update my tax info in my old shop (Balihogn), I've started a new one. Weird, this one has no problems...

 My new shop is ArtBun Boutique

Some of the new items in my shop and soon to be in my shop:

Some bluebird plushies.

More rain and storm cloud plushie mobiles.

Two cloth vintage style bed dolls.

Another batch of my Neapolitan ice cream chub bears!

A banana split plushie!

A felt pony.
Ice cream sundae plushie.
Hand painted bead keychains.
Some doll head bag charms.
A batch of vintage style felt pose dolls. (All but the purple one have been sold.)

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