Vintage Hard Plastic Kewpie Doll Makeovers

These are my Irwin kewpie repaints. Most are one-of-a-kind. A few I made duplicates of by request. Most have been sold. I was able to recycle dolls with flaws that ordinarily would detract from their displayability, (Is that a real word??!) Cant see flaws if they're covered by paint and accessories!
I ended up making several of these willow pattern ones. I had the decals and cut them up to apply to the dolls. They sold right away. :)

Several people asked for holiday themed dolls, so I did a few. This is for Valentine's Day, obviously.

Original factory paint vs my repaint.

The arms had to be glued in place to prevent rubbing of the paint on the finished doll. I think the cutest ones have the raised arms. :)

I also had several requests for the black cats.

I did a few variations of the galaxy or night sky theme.

Artsy Kewpie!


A couple with painted hair.

Metallic paint looks really cute, but took SOOO many coats!

A steampunk themed Kewpie I glued old cuckoo clock hands to. I handmade his goggles, too.

I sponge-painted some of them with good results.


I think this is the first one I ever painted. :)

I used scented decoden fake frosting for hair and dimensional paint for chocolate syrup. 

I painted several bluebird kewpies. I usually don't make two alike, but these sold quickly. :)

I painted a couple small Pedigree dolls. This goofy one just got a hair and outfit makeover.

It's hard to tell from the lighting in the photos, but his outfit says "NANNY NANNY" on the front, and "PUU PUU" on the back. :D

Well, it's not a whole doll, but the heads make great ornaments. :D
I also painted several Knickerbocker hard plastic dolls:


A few "Boopsie" and other hard plastic dolls I painted.

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