Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Doll Stuff I've Done This Week

 I made a steampunk inspired outfit for my Dal. I still haven't found good shoes for her yet.
 I made a teeny tiny dress for my itty bitty Blythe.
And I finally did a faceup for my sleepy faced bjd.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Dollies In Stripey Jammies and Repainted Roly Polys

 More sewing of striped jammies for a couple more dolls.
 I'm always cold in the winter, so I have to dress my dolls warmly too or I cant stand it! :D Dumb, I know!

And two more vintage roly poly Santas I'm repainting. They still need touched up and varnished.
One more photo of my sock monkey Shemp for silliness. :D

Sunday, December 15, 2019

What I've Been Doing This Holiday Season

 I remembered to take Eugene Cruet out of storage this year. He's posing here with his Winter Disco friend. :D
Ornaments made from LOL Surprise OMG doll heads.

I repainted a couple vintage Santa roly poly dolls. They've since been sold.

 I made two more large batches of these candy cane horse ornaments and have already sold all but a few pairs. Theyre in my Etsy shop now.

A bunch of ornament/gift tags made from vintage doll cards.

 Ornaments made from Monster High doll heads! :D

Other doll face ornaments:

More felt ornament cuties:

Some Starry Eyed Santas:

Also last night I made Mig some stripey jammies, bunny slippers, and mini bunny plushie. :D

 Also I made some kitteh plushies.

Monday, October 21, 2019

More Doll Repaints

A few recent repaints I've been working on.
 I finished the Ghoulia doll. It's titled "I love You Like A Ball And Chain". 
(Inspired by the Eurythmics song.) The "ball" is a Jackson Jekyll head. :D
 A Batsy Claro repaint.

 A Labyrinth Firey inspired Ever After High repaint.

I'm currently working on this Abbey doll. I've since added white iridescent glitter to her eyelashes. 
I think I kind of failed at drawing the snowflake on her forehead...
She will eventually have white hair.