Sunday, March 22, 2020

More Focus On My Art, But Still Playing With Dolls!

 Some shrink art charms I did last month.

A quick marker sketch I did about a week before Animal Crossing New Horizons released. Now that the game is out, I'm going to have a hard time choosing between drawing and playing the game!
A redraw of a Sharpie drawing I did years ago. This one's titled "Tea Time With Pinkie 2". This one's drawn with India ink and colored pencils.

 These last four I've drawn in the past couple weeks. I think I got kind of lazy with my art by just using only markers. I'm determined to use paint and colored pencils more. I bought the biggest set of Derwent Inktense pencils, and Im slowly getting used to using them. These four drawings are my first attempts. I also used India ink in a couple of them.

 I doodled my sweet butthead bunny when on my break. He's a lionhead mix, so he has long fur around his head. Like a rockstar! :D
His name is Gentaro, and here's his butt. You know you wanted to see his cute bunny butt!
I also recently bought a cheap Kikipop clone doll. (in the turquoise wig) Her quality is nowhere near the real thing, but she's still cute. I'll be customizing the clone sometime in the future. 

I also recently bought some fabric on Spoonflower. It's a print of ready to sew doll dresses for tiny dolls. They fit all of my four inch dollies.:)