Friday, March 18, 2016

Last summer I bought a practice head for faceups, but I never did any practice with it! He just kinda rolled around my work area and took up space. After taking a good look at him, I decided he was pretty enough to buy an actual body for.

His body arrived today, so I finally did his faceup. This is the best one I've done yet! Not perfect, but I love it!

Unfortunately, his body arrived with three busted fingers. Junky Spot is sending replacements.

His body isnt an exact color match to his head, but I'm not super picky about this. The body is just a bit pinker!

I was considering a Resinsoul body for him, but it just looked too lanky and girly to me! (It probably would have been a better color match, though.) I chose a Clover Doll body because of the better proportions, and it was on sale!

Phineas is a Doll Family-H Yehua head.

The head that came with the body is up for auction on Ebay now:

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