Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Saying Goodbye To Most Of My Dolls

 A bit sad, but I had too many anyway! :D

 I'm keeping the ones I got from my daughter as gifts, plus one BJD that I cant seem to part with yet.

This is Mig, a YoSD 27cm Hujoo Lily, the doll I don't want to part with.


 I bought her used on Ebay in 2016. She came to me with a pink frilly dress, white wig, and lots of yellow in her faceup, and (you cant really tell in this photo) way too much blush. It was really thick!

And I changed her eyes. Her original ones were too big and reminded me of those old-fashioned thick "coke bottle" glasses that magnify your eyes! They always made her look weird...

(That time I made striped jammies for all my BJD's)

Mig and her sister Mash. (Hujoo Ivy) I bought the Ivy doll, but never really liked her face. She's just not as cute as Mig. I sold her not long after I bought her.

For years I kept putting light-colored wigs on Mig, and didn't really like how she looked. 

 I don't remember where I got the blue/black one she's wearing now, but I like her better with dark hair.

  I only last year re-did her faceup. Now there's no yellow and not so much blush. She's ABS (hard vinyl), not resin, so I had to scrape/sand off most of her faceup. Acetone and even rubbing alcohol melts the plastic, so they cant be used. I really like how her face looks now.


This is Ruki, a MSD 43cm Hujoo Sara. She's also made of hard vinyl, not resin. She was a gift from my daughter, so I'll never part with her. She was purchased directly from the Hujoo website. She was the blank version, so I did her faceup as well.


 I also put light colored wigs on her for years, and kind of didn't like them. 


These two photos are from a few years ago when she still had blue-ish eye shadows and light eyebrows. Now I think it looks a bit wimpy.
I recently redid Ruki's faceup, which I originally did to try to complement lighter hair on her.  I think she looks much better now. Her bangs kind of cover it, but she has darker brows and more natural shading around her eyes. :)

 I really prefer my dolls to have black or dark hair. It's just an artistic contrast thing. I think it frames the anime-style big-eye faces better. Now I just need to sew some more clothes for them.

 I know some folks make out a whole back story and character for their dolls. While I do give names to some of mine, I don't have the mental energy for all that fiction anymore! I'm OLD! But I still like to play with dolls! :D

This is a vintage vinyl articulated 12" Nasco Raggedy Ann walker doll from the 70's. I got her also as a gift from my daughter. This is how she looked when I got her. (My daughter bought her used from a seller on Etsy.)
This is how I made her over:

No special name for her. She's still Raggedy Ann. :D I probably wont make any new clothes for her any time soon. I wanted her outfit to kind of resemble her original one, except for the color. Check out her little bee shoes!



The only other doll I have besides a couple unfinished projects and a small cloth doll is a Rainbow High doll my daughter surprised me with randomly. (the one in the purple dress- I don't know what her name is) The doll with the white hair has been sold.
LOL! I forgot. I still have a handful tiny dolls for my dollhouses. :D
Technically, Veggie is an action figure, not a doll. :D I could probably make him a little pink "Bad Man" shirt... 
I pose him regularly in my dollhouse camper with the blue-haired Dolly Darling. (Bulma, of course) I sometimes lay him on the camper bed with an open book in his hands. I'll have to take some photos of it sometime.


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