Wednesday, March 16, 2022

The Last Of Customized Dolls. Moving On...

                             I ended up making three of the black cat dolls.

               Above: His shirt says "Supa" and on the back, "Dupa".

           Below: Front says "Nanny nanny" and the back, "puu puu".

This is the last batch of customized dolls I'm doing. I really want to move on to drawing again. And working on my junk journals.

                                                  Playing with the Spirograph.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Painting Old Dolls Again

I had these willow pattern decals for a while, but hadn't decided what to do with them. This doll has been sold, but I'm doing another similar one.



I also recently used some old craft doll faces to make small paintings with.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Things I've Been Making, And Playing With My Dolls :)

Time out for a photo of Anya!
Slowly working on painting another small army of Irwin dolls.
Sewing mandalas out of felt and beads.

I finally sold her. Kinda sad about it, but I need the space.
My boogly eyed Little Feller.
I made some storm and rainbow cloud plushies.

Some doll face wall art and ornaments.

I made several sets of Monster High ornaments.

Mr. Nanny REALLY Likes Miss Puffball.

I painted a few tote bags.

Hilly and Billy. I sold off most of my dolls, but just cant let these two go. :)

Some more dolls that went to new homes.

Pharaoh Bob. A polymer clay wall plaque I sculpted years ago. :D
Making some bottlecap charms, and a wood matchstick model of an electrical pylon. I wanted it to pose my tiny dolls on. :D

Making cards for a junk journal.

Some of my miniatures.
More vintage dolls I recently sold.

And my Dal...
A miniature lawn jockey made from a hard plastic mini baby doll.

A couple pen drawings.
I sold all three of my colorful bobblehead babies.

Hey Diddle Diddle in felt. I still need to get this up in my Etsy shop...