Friday, August 16, 2019

Random Doll Stuff: I'm Staying Busy

 A new dress for one of my Novi Stars I made out of scraps of lace.
 Repainting and rerooting a few Susie Sad Eyes.
A few more from my vintage doll collection.

 Vintage Dolly darlings redressed. 

This dress was made from a scrap of a shirt I wore frequently in the 80's. :D I saved it all these years because I like the colors!

 Rerooting one tiny dolly head. She's also gonna get a repaint.
 Working on their wardrobes. All these cute girl dolls, and the one bizarre looking boy! :D He's wearing his original shorts and a top from my Little Dal.
Yarn reroot. Dress made from a Monster high skirt.

No longer boring and bland. Two Susies rerooted with yarn.
My first Liddle Kiddles. She's colorful enough. I wont alter her at all. :)

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