Thursday, May 16, 2019

My Doll Collection Complete

 A pair of Knickerbocker hard plastic dolls ready to sell. I have a box full of these to paint. :)

The final doll in my personal odd doll collection arrived in the mail today. (the boy in the striped shirt) A brother for my beloved 1963 Jolly orange haired girl. :)  I don't think the seller knew how rare he is. I'm just glad I didn't have to pay a small fortune for him. He looks very clean and his color is better than his sister.

I read somewhere that someone thought these dolls were called "Hilly and Billy", so the names stuck in my head.  I'm assuming they're clones of the Laflex dolls and not the other way around. (I might be wrong.) 

The Jolly dolls have bodies almost identical to a Migliorati Birichina doll, but they have the Laflex-like heads. I guess that makes them double clones. :D

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