Saturday, June 25, 2016

We just finished our first craft show of the year, and while sitting in our booth the first day, my mother visited us. She always brings stuff my Grandma sends for me, and this time she sent a vintage Toni doll.
This particular Toni doll is one of the earliest ones. Probably from the late 40's. She has a rarer color eyes (green) and a strawberry blonde wig.

It was my great-grandma's doll. Apparently she would dress it up and sit it on her bed as a decoration. My mom said she remembers it when she was a kid.
I've unstrung her for cleaning. At some point her head came off and Great Grandma decided to glue her head back on instead of restringing her!

Soaking off old glue. YUCK!
Fully cleaned and restrung. There was no damage to her neck or head. :)

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