I'm a single mom of five, and I've been drawing, painting, sewing, sculpting, and doing other artsy things for more than 40 years.

Ever since I can remember, I was inspired by colors, patterns, flowers, fabrics, and the design of things. At five years old, I remember studying playing cards. I was inspired by the simple designs of the face cards and the flat coloring style with swirly details. I loved and studied the design of clocks, figurines, toys, signs... anything colorful or cute! These elements can still be seen in my current art.

I started drawing seriously in my early teens, and began to develop a style of my own. I loved drawing people and used models in fashion magazines as drawing references. I began to be interested in lettering, calligraphy, and graphic design.

I really decided to stop keeping my art to myself in 2008, when I started a DeviantArt account. There I was inspired and encouraged by fellow artists who suggested I try selling on Etsy.

I love to draw faces, real and fanciful, with swirls and flowers and beards! I draw cats and squirrels and colorful psychedelic designs. I design and make clocks and repaint old ones. I sew plushies, dolls, and other cute things. I especially love working with felt. I occasionally mess around with polymer clay and produce cute/silly charms and figurines.

Balihogn is pronounced "Ballyhoggin". I got the name from the children's book "Borrowers Aloft" by Mary Norton. My favorite game is Animal Crossing. I wanted to use Ballyhoggin as my town name, but only eight letters could be used. I shortened it to "Balihogn", :D 

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